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Glory to God alone

Welcome to the Gallery of Creative Finishes by Heidi. I believe that art is not an esoteric concept to be appreciated by an elite few, but a part of life to be enjoyed by all. Please take time as you browse through the collections to dream about your next project. I am looking forward to hearing from you. My gallery is updated often, so please check in on a regular basis to see what is new...

If you can dream it, I can create it!

Bringing Art to your Life and Color into your World
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"Heidi Wilt is an exceptional professional whose areas of expertise span from color

consultation, specialty painting, creative artwork, to design consultation. I have

used several of her art pieces as gifts for my clients and have had her visit my home

for decorating support. The money I spent to have Heidi advise me was well worth it!

She was able to share a plethora of ideas that has made my redecorating come to life

in a more effective way. I would highly recommend Heidi to customers who want to

experience great service and outstanding quality at a reasonable cost."

Mary Sherman

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